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Why this database?

Getting information and monitoring the players for Nation Team isn't an easy activity. However, this application makes this process very simple.

Why you should have your player in database?

Because the NT manager sees them then. And you really understand that better player is the one you know.

When you update your player periodically, you ensure that the player is in database still with actual (the best) values.

How does it work?

Manager that has an NT player in his team updates him in database once a week through our form. This is very easy and it takes only about 10 seconds per week.

Then, NT manager can see all his skills so he can also easily decide which player is optimal for National Team. He can also tell you in which way your player should train because he can see his weak and strong attributes.

We are looking for...

Players for U20 team:
Age 17-19

For 17 years old :
Kvality - 75 and more
IS - 50 and more

18 years
Kvality - 75 and more
experience 25 and more
IS - 90 and more

19 years old
Kvality - 75 and more
experience 30 and more
IS - 110 and more

Players for Senior team:
age 20 180+, exp. 100+


9.5.2008 Player's database for Ireland made public.

Player 's privacy

We know that the skills of your players are very sensible data. That's the reason why the access to database only have the most competent ones.