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The fifth season will be the last season

As it is written in the title, this season will be the last season of Orico Cup. Thanks to all of you for being part of it. I hope it was really worth playing.If you want to find out what reasons lead me to this decision, then…

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Season 5 starts

Hello to everyone. When one season turns into another there is allways couple of movement between leagues. This is what this article about. And one other note to you: next season starts on sunday 2009/09/06. So be prepared :-)

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Orico Cup 4th season winners

4th season winners

The fourth season of Orico Cup is successfuly behind us. The best team for this season was HC Meteor Brno-konečná who won the highest 1-A league. Complete 1-A league medal standing is:

Medal Manager Team
Gold Michelino HC Meteor Brno-konečná
Silver Nick Maroon
Bronze davecze HC Rebel Poruba
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New teams for season 5

The first round of playoff was finished today so whe finally know what teams will leave our cup after this season. It is also time to summarize and introduce new teams that will play in our cup from next season on.

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Sign-off deadline

We are slowly nearing to the end of the groups-part of our tournament. As allways we need to close list of teams that will play this tournament next season. All teams are assumed to continue but if you want to end in this Cup you need to let me know about it in time. The deadline is set to sunday 2009/08/16, 23:59 (one week from now). Let me know by HA mail.

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5 reasons why the old HA design should return back

The first information about HA redesign being in progress is known for over a month. We all hoped that the HA team will work on it and made it perfect. Unfortunately, it is not what happened. This article presents five strong reasons why the old HA design should return back.

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Season 4 starts

Today, I moved all games and statistics to history and also updated the lists of teams for each league. All games will be planned automatically on following saturday-sunday HA-match-update so you will see all games in your HA-calendar on sunday morning. In following days I insert it also to this website. If you have any question, you can use comments below this article.

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We know all teams for next season

The first round of playoff and relegation games was finished today. According to the results we can find out the teams that will be promoted to higher league (playoff finalists) and also the teams that will relegate down (or out the tournament).

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The „Six“ for last weekend

There is no match played.

Top players by stars

Leontiy Shyrov (TLH)24
Vladimir Gavrilov (HDFFT)21
Jakub Šedivý (ZG)20
Intis Mencens (P)20
Martin Smrž (E)19

Top players by points

Bjorn Folland (RY)7+36= 43
Yuriy Kornilov (RY)26+16= 42
Jakub Šedivý (ZG)22+20= 42
Nino Šimić (ZG)18+22= 40
Esa Hyytiäinen (RY)27+11= 38
Tito Helmig (RY)16+21= 37
Intis Mencens (P)25+11= 36
Daniel Tomeš (HSP)17+19= 36
Austris Damme (JP)30+5= 35
Lukáš Čapek (JP)20+15= 35

Top teams by average rating

Zdenyho Gumy (3-B)5.98
Red Yar (2-A)5.76
Tallinn Lions HC (2-B)5.61
LHB Modřany (3-B)5.49
HC Smrdutý Plamen (4-B)5.45